Tauzeef is the first licensed Recruitment Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We specialize in the recruitment of professionals and executives. As a leading company in the Human Resourcing business we feel especially good serving our local and regional industries. Our goals are set around becoming the undisputed regional leader in Human Resourcing, and to be a significant influence in local and regional business communities. In working to achieve these goals, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Business Ethics and Values
  • Quality First
  • Confidential business relations
  • Highly skilled Staff
  • Long-term Client/Consultant partnership.

Our Mission

To provide client with best possible talent available while applying highest international professional standards.

Our Ethics

We strictly adhere to the following code of professional ethics:

  • Tauzeef accepts fees only from client companies, never from potential candidates.
  • Tauzeef holds information obtained from clients and candidates alike in strict confidentiality.
  • Tauzeef accepts assignments from clients only when we are positive and when we can handle them satisfactorily.
  • Tauzeef believes that the success cannot be based on profits alone, but rather on long-term partnership with our clients.

Our approach

As an executive, you may literally take hundreds of decision a day. But, the hiring decisions you make could have the largest impact on the future of your company now more than ever. An increasingly competitive business environment and growing shortage of skilled labor force are making it more difficult to attract and retain valuable employees especially in light of Saudization schemes. Hiring mistakes are fast becoming a luxury that no company can afford. Tauzeef offers a systematic approach of executive and professional search, and belief that we are as careful in our selection as you are in your hiring. After all, both of our reputations depend on it. Screening and selection of candidates will be executed with high levels of discretion and confidentiality. We find that often, the most desirable employees are not actively looking for a new position. Rather, they rely on Tauzeef’s experienced consultants to make them aware if any ideal fit becomes available. These are top notches, highly qualified professionals that employers would not otherwise meet.

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